Perfect uniformity of shape and thickness, high hourly production

A Cuppone patent, it is a special press for hot forming pizza dough disk up to 52 cm of diameter; available in five different models. Characterized by high hourly production, it guarantees a perfect uniformity of shape and thickness of the dough disk without renouncing the traditional edge.

Up to 400 pizzas in an hour!
ETL SANITATIONETL LISTEDThe possibility of manually adjusting the thickness of the dough disk, the special shape of the plates and the electronic control of the temperature and of the contact time, allow the spreading of perfectly uniform dough disks with the desired diameter which guarantee a perfect baking in the oven.

Pizzaform® is a Cuppone patent.

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Pizza presser understel

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Pizzapresser - 30 cm

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Pizzapresser - 35 cm

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Pizzapresser - 40 cm

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Pizzapresser - 45 cm

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Pizzapresser - 50 cm

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